EAZY 160 1C

  • numero-colori: 1
  • maximum-print-area: diameter 145mm
  • dimensione-cliche: 180x360mm

EAZY 160 1C

The series EAZY  of Comec Italia identifies the pad printing machines easier to use and that don’t require special maintenance.

For printing on objects of medium to large size, in this series there is EAZY 160, with 1 or 2 colors. Compactversatileit is an electropneumatic pad printing machine, optionally available with supportLike all machines built by Comec Italia, is produced with high quality materials that guarantee, together with the experience of our engineers in the design, accuracy and reliability.

It comes with a sealed ceramic inking system with a diameter of 160 mm, suitable for a plate of 180×360 mm in the version with one color; for the 2-color measurements are 130 mm in diameter with the ink cliché of 150×300 mm.

Thanks to the sealed ceramic inking system you can save more than 50% of ink compared with old design open inkwells; color changes are more rapid and the working environment healthier: in fact it prevents the solvents that form part of the composition of the inks to disperse in the surrounding area.

The digital keypad allows you to vary print runs; also you can adjust the pressure independently on cliché and on workpiece to be printed. It is placed on a worktable orthogonal with independent regulation of all axes, supplied with the machine.

In the version to print on fabric, the machine has a particular medium, specifically designed to do so that the clothes do not slip away during the printing stageit can also be equipped with a specific laser pointerfor fast centering of the printing area.

The uses of EAZY 160 are various: small and medium production batches of limited size, samples that you want to realize in-house.
Furthermore the machine can be provided with a quit developing kit for photosensitive clichés autonomously and rapidly (BR35M). Our technicians are always available to help you make your printing experience even easier, faster and autonomous.

  • Hot airOn request
  • Cliché dimensions180x360mm
  • Max printing areadiameter 145mm
  • Distance between axesNO
  • Horizontal pad stroke300mm
  • Vertical pad stroke100mm
  • Maximum printing pressure1870N
  • Electric power supply220/110V
  • AbsorptionNO
  • Pneumatic power supply6BAR
  • BenchOn request
  • WidthNO
  • Height630mm
  • Depth1080mm
  • Weight100Kg
Electric power supply 220/110V
Pneumatic power supply 6BAR