KP05 2C RR

  • numero-colori: 2
  • independent-pads: No
  • maximum-print-area: diametro 55 mm
  • dimensione-cliche: 80x200 mm

KP05 2C RR

Despite being one of the smaller machines produced by Comec Italia, the versatile KP05 is as good as the bigger “sisters” of the KP series, all born from the experience of the Comec Italia engineers and made from the finest materials available on the market.

It is an electro-pneumatic pad printing machine easy to use and requires no special maintenance, available with 1 or 2 colors. The hermetic inkcup optimizes ink consumption, making more rapid color changes and healthier working environment, preventing fumes from solvents to disperse in the air. Measurements: 90mm diameter of inkcup and cliché 100x200mm for the version with 1 color; inkcup diameter 70mm and cliché 80x200mm for the  2 colors. Thinking about the multiple needs of modern companies, Comec Italia has also created a kit that allows you to turn in a few minutes a 2 colors machine with inkcups diameter of 70mm in a 1-color machine with inkcup diameter of 90mm.

The machine is fitted with a orthogonal print holder table with independent regulation of all axes. By request may be accompanied by a rotary table for easier loading and unloading of the pieces to be printed, an automatic mechanism for pads cleaning and a device for hot-air drying of the ink in the printing phase. Not only that, but the KP 05 is also arranged to be inserted in automated production lines, depending on the needs of the customer.

In the version to print on fabric, the machine has a particular medium, specifically designed to do so that the clothes do not slip away during the printing stageit can also be equipped with a specific laser pointerfor fast centering of the printing area.

Pneumatic operation provides regular print cycles; through electronic keyboard with display you can vary all printing parameters: runs and ink grabs, independent pressure regulation on cliché and workpiece, pauses before ink grabs and before printing on the piece.

With the addition of a quick developing kit for photosensitive clichés this compact equipment becomes in all respects a totally autonomous printing system, not only suitable for small productions and samples but also for wider business needs.

  • Hot airOn request
  • Independent padsNo
  • Cliché dimensions80x200 mm
  • Hermetic inkcup dimensions2x 70 mm
  • Max printing areadiametro 55 mm
  • Horizontal pad stroke160 mm
  • Vertical pad stroke100 mm
  • Maximum printing pressure750 N
  • Electric power supply220/110V
  • Pneumatic power supply6 BAR
  • BenchOn request
  • Width500 mm
  • Height550 mm
  • Depth650 mm
  • Weight35 Kg senza bancale
  • Print second/third color stationary pieceYes RR
Electric power supply 220/110V
Pneumatic power supply 6 BAR