• numero-colori: 1
  • maximum-print-area: diametro 95 mm
  • dimensione-cliche: 120X250 mm


The SLIDE type is available for some machines of the series KP and KE, as the KP-08 and KP 13 and allows printing up to 2 colors on objects of medium and large size, also on uneven surfaces.

This important result is achieved thanks to an updated conception of the printing, which involves the horizontal movement of inkcups and allows in this way to have a greater print area: the space needed to make larger prints on larger surfaces.

The SLIDE set supports inkwells from 60 to 250mm in diameter (which means that we can get a print up to 225x700mm). Even the piece holder is designed to make room for large-scale items. In the version to printing on fabric, the machine has a particular medium, specifically designed to do sothat the clothes do not slip away during the printing stageit can also be equipped with a specific laser pointerfor fast centering of the print area.

SLIDE machines have the best equipment of Comec Italia machines: management software with intuitive and ergonomic user interface, manual adjustment of the cliché  slots, mechanical configuration for the automated lines, opportunity to install several optional devices specifically designed for the various printing needs, such as automatic pad cleaning device, jet of hot air, various feeders.

  • Hot airOn request
  • Cliché dimensions120X250 mm
  • Hermetic inkcup dimensionsdiametro 110 mm
  • Max printing areadiametro 95 mm
  • Horizontal pad stroke200 mm
  • Vertical pad stroke100 mm
  • Maximum printing pressure1180 N
  • Electric power supply220/110V
  • Pneumatic power supply6 BAR
  • BenchOn request
  • Width500 mm
  • Height1620 mm
  • Depth900 mm
  • Weight145 Kg circa con bancale
  • Slide
Electric power supply 220/110V
Pneumatic power supply 6 BAR