KP08 1C

  • numero-colori: 1
  • maximum-print-area: diametro 115 mm
  • dimensione-cliche: 150X300 MM

KP08 1C

INKPRINT KP-08 is an electropneumatic pad printing machine equipped with the electronic control of all its functions, reduced maintenance and that does not require specialized personnel.

Like all machines produced by Comec Italia, uses hermetic inkcups with ceramic ring, that guarantee speed and cleaning in the inking phase, in addition to a considerable saving of ink (50%) and to a healtier working environment. Measurements: diameter from 90 to 130mm depending on the number of colors.

In the version to printing on fabric, the machine has a particular medium, specifically designed to do so that the clothes do not slip away during the printing stageit can also be equipped with a specific laser pointerfor fast centering of the print area.

The machine preparation is quick and easy thanks to the precision adjustment and rotations that can be done both on the plates-holder (mounted on guide rails) and on the fixture support.

KP-08 can be equipped with independent pads, to print pieces of large size or with varying heights compared to the print plane. Moreover, it is set for the insertion in automatic production lines. Even the KP-08 can be equipped with a number of options, such as automatic pad cleaning device or the hot air Hot Wind 200, developed by Comec Italia through years of experience in pad printing.

  • Hot airOn request
  • Cliché dimensions150X300 MM
  • Hermetic inkcup dimensionsdiametro 130 mm
  • Max printing areadiametro 115 mm
  • Horizontal pad stroke250 mm
  • Vertical pad stroke80 mm
  • Maximum printing pressure1800 N
  • Electric power supply220/110V
  • Pneumatic power supply6 BAR
  • BenchOn request
  • Width1100 mm
  • Height1730 mm
  • Depth1100 mm
  • Weight250 Kg con bancale
Electric power supply 220/110V
Pneumatic power supply 6 BAR